20’ & 40’ Standard / Hi-Cube Containers

These general-purpose containers can be used for shipping and storage and are available either in new (one-trip) or used condition. New or “one-trip” containers offer the best condition both internally and externally having been loaded with cargo and shipped once from their country of manufacture before entering the UK market. This makes them ideal for storing goods that require a clean environment such as food items, or for use in locations where their aesthetics are a concern, alongside a shop or in a green area for example.

Used containers vary cosmetically however all of our used containers are sold wind and watertight so your goods are protected from the elements. Our used storage containers are fitted with a lockbox for security unless otherwise requested and our new containers have them fitted during manufacture.

20’ and 40’ hi-cube containers are general-purpose containers that have an external height of 9’6”, giving the user an extra 12 inches of height over a standard container.