Insulated Shipping Containers

When it comes to transporting a large number of commodities at a certain temperature, it’s vital that you think about the kind of shipping container that is best suited to the task. Certain perishable goods may not be able to survive if the temperature isn’t right, creating a nightmare in terms of logistics and cost.

You can avoid this scenario with insulated containers, as they are ideal for transporting goods that need to be shipped at a certain temperature. 

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What are insulated shipping containers?

An insulated shipping container is a type of container that’s suitable for transporting temperature affected products like certain types of food, chemicals, vaccines and biological waste. 

They are usually lined with a number of materials to create an insulated effect. This includes multilayer thermal blankets, vacuum insulated panels, bubble wrap, specialised polystyrene foam, reflective materials and more.

What are the benefits of insulated shipping containers? 

- Maintain the freshness of goods 

A major benefit of insulated containers is that they help to preserve non-durable goods by maintaining an ambient temperature. This also prevents harmful microorganisms forming in the container and spoiling the products.

- Transport goods over long distances 

Transporting goods across the world means they are exposed to abrupt temperature changes of hot and cold and it may take several days before they arrive at their destination.

Insulated containers ensure that products are protected against these temperature shifts and are ideal for long trips. 

- Long term storage 

Another advantage of insulated containers is that they can be used to store goods for longer. This is especially true when compared to traditional steel containers, which tend to suffer from wear and tear from the elements.

With an insulated container, condensation is kept out, leaks are prevented, and goods are protected against weather damage. 

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